Walking Tour Chapinero

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Tour description

Chapinero is located in the heart of Bogota – often visited but rarely understood. Here we find a complex and unique micro-universe, among the many other drupelets in the metropolis of Bogota.

Once a hamlet occupied by farms and paddocks on the outskirts of Bogotá, Chapinero has become a must-see destination in the city. The neighborhood embraces diversity and is considered the social, cultural, and entrepreneurship hub of the city. Its inhabitants are a testimony to its socioeconomic, political and religious diversity. Chapinero is home to Colombians from all over the country and as well as many foreigners. It houses some of the most important financial and gastronomic sites in the city. In addition, it is the epicenter of the LGTBIQ community in the city, and arguably in the country.
The confluence of such diverse forces results in an environment dominated by innovation and creative initiatives that serve as a window to the future of Colombia. We wander past art galleries, antique shops, design stores, bars, coffee shops, and schools, among others. The architecture of Chapinero illustrates the urban transformations that Bogotá has experienced during its expansion.
There is no better way to get to know Chapinero – and to immerse in the world of its people, its flavors and its sounds – than accompanied by a long-time resident, seeing stories and details invisible to the naked eye.
And of course, do not miss the opportunity to experience Chapinero street art, with graffiti and murals, beautiful, inspiring, and often with a satirical political perspective. Take a lot of pictures, urban art is transient!

Our tour (which lasts between 3 hrs and 3.5 hrs) starts at 3:00 p.m. The route is around 5.5 Km. We conclude it in the central, bohemian area of Quinta Camacho.

Starting point: Cl. 70 # 7-30, Bogotá – Find the white umbrella!
Endpoint: Mono Bandido, Quinta Camacho
Departure time: 3:00 pm
Tour Duration: 3h – 3: 30min
* Private groups can contact us to organize different days and times for this tour.
Tour Itinerary:
1. Avenue Carrera 7 # 70 – must-see houses and mansions.
2. Casas Riegner Gallery – contemporary Colombian art
3. Cafe Cultor  – Colombian coffee experience!
4. Wilborada 1047 Book Store – coffee and books, Chapinero basics!
5. The Porciúncula Church and National Pedagogical University – the divine and human. The Catholic society and the student’s movement.
6. Chile Avenue – The financial center and modern architecture
7. Zona G (Gourmet) – do not miss tips for tonight’s dinner!
8. Chapinero Alto Neighborhood – a quiet residential area close to the mountains.
9. Hippies Park – The oldest area of Chapinero and a very important spot for the LGTBIQ movement in Bogota.
10. Lourdes Church – A gothic beauty that represents Chapinero like no other point.
11. The bohemian neighbourhood of Quinta Camacho and Mono Bandido – trendy local beerhouse, a moment to get to meet your new friends!

*This tour was designed by our collaborator Juan Fernando Rodríguez París, a historian from the National University of Colombia, a long-time resident of Chapinero who knows each corner like no one else!

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1 review for Walking Tour Chapinero

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Juan Sebastián Rodríguez

    Absolutely loved this tour. From the perspective of a “Bogotanian” who thought he knew his city well, it was an opportunity to expand my horizons and learn about Chapinero’s history and legacy to the city like never before. From the perspective of a traveler, it was a unique opportunity to see an area of the city besides the historical center that also has a cultural, gastronomical, and historical richness Bogota’s visitors are rarely exposed to.

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