Bogotá: Street Art as Resistance

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What better place to discuss human rights and their violations than the streets of the Colombian
capital? In Bogota urban artists have much to say, much to denounce and much to raise awareness. It is
widely accepted and recognized the power of cultural expressions to build individual and collective
identities and how the access to this symbolic capital should be universal. Unfortunately, this is easier
said than done! Our right to express ourselves freely and enjoy what others have to say has been
limited by social conflict in all its extension and the people from Colombia know it!
Nevertheless, this situation has turned into the engine, the cradle to mobilize different communitarian
associations, together with a common flag: “Listen, we have something to say”. Bogota counts with
admirable cultural projects that have been key to speak their minds, to protest for what is not fair. In a
post-conflict context, street art is increasing and becoming one of the most important ways of protest
and to build peace and forgiveness. From the graffiti art in the historical center to the urban genre
expressions that have emerged as an example of cultural reappropriation.


Tour Highlights

  • Experience the colonial and most colorful neighborhood of Bogota, La Candelaria! Understand Colombia’s history, the origins of the conflict and future perspectives & challenges with the peace accords.
  • Get to know the most important Colombian graffiti artists in the city center and what they are aiming to express with their work.
  • Watch a hip-hop theater presentation from LAP 24/7, performed by victims of displacement about forgotten moments of the conflict, all in a community theater which was established as a zone of diversity and tolerance in Bogotá
  • Tour an art gallery that has achieved its position in the Colombian art scene due to its focus on arts as a universal human right.


8:00 am Meeting point at Gabriel García Marquez Cultural Center
8:10 am to 10:30 am Walking tour around Candelaria’s neighborhood: understand the roots of Colombian war conflict through the streets of Bogotá’s colonial neighborhood.
10:30 am to 12:00 am “Graffiti route”: Observation and contextualization of the most iconic Graffiti expressions in the city center and get to know a local community that uses Graffiti as a tool to bring people together.
12:30 p. m. Traditional Lunch
1:30 pm Pick up at the restaurant
2:00 pm to 4:15 pm Corporación de Teatro “El Pregón”: Hip hop presentation and listen to the testimony of the project leaders and dancers about how urban art transforms the community reality.
4:15pm End of the tour. Drop off at your hotel.



  • Typical lunch in both tours.
  • Typical snack in the full day tour.
  • Pick up at the hotel.
  • Drop off at the hotel for the half day tour that includes Hip-Hop presentation.
  • Souvenir made by a Graffiti community.
  • Bilingual guidance.

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