The New Mexican Revolution

By Adalberto Méndez López
Mexico has been marked by resistance movements since its origins. During the XVI Century the Aztecs and Mayan fought against the Spanish conquerors who invaded

Los YouTubers of Colombia

Colombia is a hectic country. Journalists are covering a constant stream of events and happenings. Hardly a day goes by without a major debate between political adversaries. People who are

Hidden History

Last week I was invited to learn about Guatemalan history, the dark chapter of the civil war. It was incredibly impactful. I took a tour at the National Police

Museums for Human Rights

By Adalberto Méndez López
According to the World Tourism Organization, Mexico hosts the sixth most tourists in the world, and its capital, Mexico City, is in second place for

Guatemala Nunca Más

Last week the Guatemalan human rights community remembered and celebrated Monsignor Gerardi’s life and work. He was brutally murdered 20 years ago, after publishing the report “Guatemala Nunca Más“, which outlines