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Walking Tour Chapinero

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Chapinero is located in the heart of Bogota – often visited but rarely understood. Here we find a complex and unique micro-universe, among the many other drupelets in

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Soacha: Peace and Biodiversity

Just outside Bogotá, Soacha is a microcosm of Colombia – a place of extraordinary natural beauty, and of extraordinary people working to heal the wounds of the past.


Colombian Coffee: Seeds of Justice

Not your average coffee tour! Experience a different side of this famed region with small farmers fighting against the influence of GMOs and multinationals.


Colombia: From the Andes to the Pacific

Get off the beaten path and travel through an incredible natural and cultural landscape revitalized by a long-awaited peace.


Bogotá: Street Art as Resistance

Colombia is a diverse, complex, beautiful country facing a turning point in its history. Change can be felt and seen in every corner, as a new country is reborn from the ashes of decades of conflict.

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